Narra Foundation Inc

Narra Foundation Inc is a nonprofit organization that provides humanitarian aid to victims of disasters in the Philippines and other countries. It does this by serving as intermediary between donors, institutions, organizations, and recipients. Narra Foundation Inc's mission is to integrate local, national, and international expertise in order to sustainably serve and empower underserved populations and communities—especially at times of disaster.

When natural and social disasters occur, the catastrophe caused by the emergency needs frequently lead to humanitarian crises. Although the victims of disasters experience profound changes in their life circumstances, developing countries experience even more devastating impacts. The Narra Foundation exists to serve the enormous and diverse needs of victims by establishing long term efforts and programs that help populations recover from the tragedies they have faced.

Natural and social disasters can strike anywhere in the world. Narra Foundation's mission is to serve needs of communities where and how we can make a positive difference.